Variegated, Orange, Yellow and Green, One of a Kind, Headband


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Hand crocheted headband, using upcycled yarns from my grandmother’s collection, that I inherited last year. She always made my family socks and hats with remnant yarns like this, so I decided to continue her tradition. I put yarns that look good together and just wing it and know that someone out there will be thrilled with this unique creation that is one of a kind and made with love with upcycled materials, versus buying new ones and throwing these away because there’s only small pieces left . She lived through the depression era and taught me to never waste anything. I know she’s watching over me at this challenging time and is proud of me and amazed at this technology, that I can reach out to the world and sell my creations the same day that I made them.

If you have any thing specific that you need or want created in mind, let me know. I have a rather large collection of yarns to choose from.

This headband measures approximately 4 inches wide and fits an average size, adult woman’s head. My head is approximately 21 inches around, from the forehead to the back of my skull. It is very stretchy and comfortable.