Ayurvedic Integration

White Lotus Ayurveda provides assistance with Holistic Ayurvedic Nutrition &  Lifestyle Integration with Ayurvedic daily practices, Recipes, Spices & Remedies, tailored to your specific elemental constitution. This knowledge supports making informed choices regarding your unique needs & lifestyle requirements, to help create effective & lasting transformation.

Ayurvedic Lifestyle Support

Providing Preventative Health alternative options to promote general wellness &  for addressing challenges related to food & lifestyle based, degenerative dis-eases.

Holistic Nutrition & Lifestyle Integration:
  • Home Organization Assistance for the Ayurvedic Lifestyle
  • Personal Grocery Shopping Assistance for your Elemental Constitution
  • Ayurvedic Recipe & Meal Planning Assistance
  • Ayurvedic Meal Cooking Assistance
  • Personalized Yoga, Meditation & Pranayama Instruction & Support

White Lotus Ayurveda Products

We carry high quality Handmade Self-Care Products as well as an assortment of Wellness Tools for transformation.

  • Salt Scrubs & Body Oilination Blends
  • Bath Salt Blends & Herbal Steams
  • Doshic Herbal Tea Blends
  • Gua Shas & Neti Pots
  • Yoga & Meditation Tools
  • Books & Resources for Holistic Health

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To book your consultation or for additional information, contact:

Kelly Crandall

Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner
Based in Central New York
(607) 423-4833

Due to the current Covid 19 risks, in person consultations and traditional pulse readings are not being offered. We are instead, temporarily focusing on online consultations and are offering our services at a discount of our normal rates.(Prices listed reflect this discount).

We feel this is the safest option at this point and look forward to offering in personal consultations and pulse readings again, as soon as it is safe to do so. Thank you for your understanding.

May all beings be well.