Ayurvedic Consultations

White Lotus Ayurveda offers Traditional Ayurvedic Consultations to assess current health issues, identify imbalances, and provide nutritional and lifestyle support.

Vikruti - 1 hour - $60

Provides insight into the current state of one’s Prana (Energy), Tejas (Toxins), and Ojas (Hydration or Fluid Levels), as well as imbalances in one’s mind-body health that may need attention.

Vikruti assessment includes:
  • 30 minute Face and Tongue Reading
  • Initial Tibetal Pulse Reading

Prakruti - 2 hours - $120

Provides additional insight into¬†determining one’s basic Doshic Constitution: Vata {Air}, Pitta {Fire}, Kapha {Earth}

Prakruti assessment includes:
  • Full Vikruti Reading
  • Full Birth Pulse Prakruti Reading

Nadi Vijayam - 3 hours $180

Provides additional information in identifying the individuals unique Guna information that determine how one’s elemental makeup manifests.

Nadi Vijayam assessment includes:
  • Full Vikruti Reading
  • Full Prakruti Reading
  • Complete individualized Consultation Packet:
    Nutritional Information, Remedies & Self-Care Practices

To book your consultation or for additional information, contact:

Kelly Crandall

Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner
Based in Central New York
(607) 423-4833