Kelly Crandall

Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner
Certified Yoga, Mindfulness and Meditation Instructor

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification in Yoga, Mindfulness and Meditation

Kelly recently completed her 200 Hour YTT requirements for Certification as a Yoga, Mindfulness, and Meditation Instructor, at the Yoga Farm in Lansing, New York, in April 2020. (www.yogafarm.us) This training that she received from her beloved and respected teachers: Christopher Ananda, Daniela Hess, and Jeannie O’Neill, helped her to embody and bring full circle her Ayurvedic understanding, by immersing herself into learning about Yoga, which is a branch of Ayurvedic Medicine.

The additional training in Mindfulness and Meditation helped her to not only embody this ancient wisdom, but utilize it more fully, by establishing a daily movement and breath based spiritual practice, helping to ground the knowledge and enhance the effectiveness of her self care practices. Yoga and Meditation help bring about understanding and clarity with respect to the mind and spirit, complimenting her traditional Ayurvedic training which focused on ways to transform one’s life through the physical body.

Certification in Traditional Ayurvedic Medicine, Holistic Nutrition and  Clinical Aromatherapy

Kelly studied Traditional Ayurvedic  Medicine and Bodywork at the dhyana Center of Health Sciences in Sebastopol, California, and completed her training in June of 2008. She gained her Certification in Traditional Ayurvedic Science, Holistic Nutrition, and Clinical Aromatherapy, through the dhyana Center, from her deeply respected and loved teacher, Deanna Batdorff.  She worked for a year as an intern at The Dhyana Center, to help facilitate further learning, and enhance her understanding of Ayurveda as a Science, through hands on experience.

Traditional Ayurvedic Bodywork and Techniques, Cooking and Nutrition, Gardening, Medicine Making, Herbology, Transformative Pancha Karma Journeys, and Vedic Spiritual Practices being her primary areas of experience. Kelly’s Ayurvedic studies and training includes: 165+ hours of Theoretical Instruction, 85+ hours of Clinical Training, a 1 year Internship which included traditional hands on Bodywork, Donation Clinic Consultations, Traditional Pulse and Lifestyle Consultations, and Pancha Karma Transformational Healing Retreat experience, at the dhyana Center.

Certification in Massage Therapy

Kelly completed her California C.M.T. requirements in August 2008, at the Sebastopol Massage Center, in Sebastopol California, training with Patricia Oberg. Kelly has a 250 hour California Massage Therapy Certification in the following modalities: Swedish, Hot Rock, Deep Tissue, Thai, Sports, and Reflexology, as well as training in massage for people with health challenges, and those healing from or fighting serious illness.

Training and Personal Experience with Nutrition, Herbs, Flower Essences, Nutritional Supplements & Chinese Medicine

Kelly has been studying Herbology and other alternative healing methods such as Holistic Nutrition, Flower Essences, Wild Crafting, Chinese Medicine, and the use of Food Grade and Isolate Vitamins and Supplements, since 1995. While working to find health and balance in her life, she learned about gluten free and dairy free cooking, and many ways to transform her perspective and health.

By integrating what she learned from Ayurveda, she followed a self care program, successfully lost 75 pounds, overcame childhood asthma and her dependency on asthma medication, over a five year period of intense detoxification, dietary and lifestyle changes, and meditation.

B.A. Degrees in Geography and Women and Gender Studies with Minors in Environmental Studies and Planning and Psychology

Kelly graduated with honors in 2006 from Sonoma State University, with B.A. degrees in Women’s and Gender Studies, & Geography, & Minors in Environmental Studies and Planning, & Psychology. She worked as a Naturalist for over seven years, taking children and adults out into wilderness settings, to teach them about the Physical and Cultural Geography of various locations in the San Francisco Bay Area, and reconnecting them to nature.

Sharing and interpreting valuable knowledge is one of Kelly’s main passions & skills. She considers caring for and knowing her self, and helping others to empower themselves to be well through Ayurveda, her primary dharma or calling. White Lotus is a vehicle to help manifest her dharma, assist her in working to cut her cords of Sankara, and help eliminate suffering wherever possible.

Background: Her-Story

Growing up in Cortlandville, NY, she understands the challenges of living in a climate that gets harsh winters, and the suffering involved with being diagnosed with asthma as a child, and continuing to suffer throughout her teen and adult years. She depended on asthma medication from the age of 7 until she was 35, and was hospitalized due to asthma, every Fall throughout her childhood, and often as an adult. Her struggle to overcome this disease led her to study many aspects of holistic health over her lifetime, and to earn her Certification as an Ayurvedic Practitioner in 2008.

Ayurveda’s holistic approach addressed not only Kelly’s physical body, but also her emotional body and causal body, therefore addressing the imbalances causing asthma to manifest as a symptom, at the root cause in her heart chakra, rather than simply attempting to eliminate the symptoms or deal with the symptoms of asthma externally.

She discovered that the mind and body were very connected and that grief was a powerful emotion that had, over time caused asthmatic symptoms to appear, and that diet also played a major role in its manifestation as a dis-ease. By learning her Doshic Constitution, she was able to focus on healing and see results! Knowing her elemental make up, also empowered her to understand what foods, spices, supplements, and activities would help bring balance to her mind and body, and as a result, lesson her asthmatic symptoms and her dependency on western medication to control them. This resulted in an improved quality of life in many ways including: less breathing difficulties, less illness, increased energy and immune function, financial savings, and an increased level of happiness and contentment.

Kelly’s specialty is a lymphatic drainage massage that incorporates aspects of traditional Ayurvedic bodywork, using hot oils, marma points, nadis or meridians, hot rocks, and essential oils. The massage experience feels divine and it is also extremely good for you! Lymphatic drainage massage helps move energy, emotions, blockages, and toxins, and increases lymphatic flow, to promote general physical and mental well being, and to help with a variety of complaints such as healing injuries, assisting with weight gain or weight loss, immune support, decreasing or eliminating cellulite, helping to alleviate pain, and for reproductive health and preparation.

*Kelly is currently not practicing Bodywork in New York State however, she is available for Individual and Group Education about Ayurveda, Self Care, and Traditional Eastern Bodywork Techniques, including the use of Hot Rocks, and Gua Shas.

Kelly is a gifted interpreter of knowledge. She transformed her health and life by integrating the information she learned about Ayurveda into her daily routine. Kelly’s dedication to self care through Ayurveda, and her ability to listen to her body’s needs and signs, shines as an example of the effectiveness of this ancient science and what is possible through applying Elemental Theory as a Preventative Health Tool for everyone.

Kelly returned to the region to be close to family and to share what she has learned over the last 25 years about Elemental Theory, Eastern Medical Systems, Herbs, Holistic Nutrition, Self Care, and Spirituality, with others ready to take personal responsibility to be well. Since returning to NY several years ago, she was able to gratefully live for five years in the region for the first time without chronic asthma difficulties, and without any hospitalizations in the Fall and Winter seasons, due to the effectiveness of her Ayurvedic lifestyle.

Kelly is working to raise awareness in the region about the importance of Ayurvedic Medicine as a Holistic Science. She is organizing workshops to help empower people to manifest and maintain balance and wellness in their lives, and in those of their loved ones, through integrating Ayurveda into their daily lifestyles. Kelly is available for online Individual and Group Ayurvedic Consultations, Workshops, and Parties, and for Education and Assistance with Detoxification, Food Allergies, Allergy Free Cooking, and Rejuvenation. Kelly is also available to help with basic lifestyle and preventative wellness support, Recipe and Meal Planning, Kitchen and Home Organization, and Weight- Loss and Respiratory Support assistance.

I would like to thank Muneca Osorio at Dangerous Cat Productions, for her continued support and friendship over the years and her dedicated assistance in helping me to manifest my dreams, dharma and visions. I could not be happier with my beautiful website that she created and has continued to help me maintain and update over the last decade, as awareness about Ayurveda has grown, along with me and my small business. Without her help and love, I would not be where I am today and would not be in a place where I could offer these services to the world online. I am forever grateful for her assistance and friendship.

I highly recommend her as a skilled web designer, if you are in need of a website. She runs her small business and is really good at taking people’s vision into the digital realm with love. I have known her and loved her with all of my heart for 25 years. If you are interested in hiring her to do web design you can contact her here: http://dangerouscat.com/. Also, if you are interested in Astrology, you can check out her beautiful, all original art, Astrology Calendars here: https://moontrine.com/. Muneca is also an experienced astrologer and gifted artist, musician and psychic healer. Meeting her and becoming her friend was one of the biggest blessings I have received in this life so far. She is a truly beautiful and unique soul, that endlessly inspires me to continue to believe in my visions and this path before me.

Hari Aum Tat Sat – May all beings be well.