Frankincense Coconut Shea Whipped Body Butter


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This Coconut, Shea based, deeply moisturizing, replenishing, luxurious, Body Butter, provides extra nourishment & soothes dry, sensitive, irritated, winter skin like nothing else! This recipe has Castor Oil & Vitamin E for added support & the grounding, uplifting, comforting, Soothing, complex, earthy, woody, piney, soft, sweet & citrusy scent of Frankincense Essential Oil. Frankincense comes from the Boswellia tree which is native to India, Pakistan, the Middle East & North Africa & has been used in traditional Indian medicine for centuries.

Once more expensive than gold, Frankincense was prized in the ancient world for a multitude of uses. Romans had in their homes as a staple & Egyptians loved it & used it in daily life & spiritual practices and rituals. Catholics still use the oil in their masses today. Frankincense has been used to help relax & heal the body mind & soul, enhance peace of mind & meditation & lower stress, among many other medicinal benefits. It’s powerful properties have been recorded since the 6th century bce. This body butter is a perfect tool for working with balancing all the Chakras, daily or during special self-care rituals.