Pink, Rose, Sunflower, Heart Chakra Body Scrub



Treat yourself to this Calming, Cooling, Pink, Moisturizing, Replenishing, Transformative Body Scrub. Made with Sunflower Seed Oil, Himalayan Pink Salt, Epsom Salt and Rose Absolute Essential Oil, this Therapuetic Scrub is designed to help Bring Attention to, Open and Dissolve Energetic Blocks, in the Heart Chakra, Increasing Ones Capacity to Give and Receive Love. This Luxurious Body Scrub was designed perfectly to help you to Polish Your Heart and Entire Being, Raising your Vibration to Dwell within the Realm of the Heart Chakra. (Comes in an 8 oz, reusable, glass container, enough for approximately 1-2 Scrubs.)