Rose, Heart Chakra, Sunflower, Shea, Whipped Body Butter


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This Coconut, Shea based, deeply moisturizing, replenishing, luxurious, Body Butter, provides extra nourishment & soothes dry, sensitive, irritated, winter skin like nothing else! This recipe has Castor Oil & Vitamin E for added support & intoxicating, uplifting, calming, Soothing Rose Absolute Essential Oil. The scent of Rose flowers has been known to encourage healing for the heart, grief, relaxation for the mind and body, to help relieve stress and anxiety, nerve tension and too have aphrodisiac qualities, helping to put people in the mood for romance and love. This body butter is a perfect tool for working with balancing the Heart Chakra daily or during special self-care rituals with self or your beloved.

I make small batches of each product to ensure the ingredients are fresh, and do custom orders as well, allowing you to choose the perfect base(s) & scent for you & your tastes & skin’s needs. Spoil yourself with self love. Your skin will thank you. ❄

My products are made with organic ingredients whenever available, use only essential oils for added fragrance & come in high quality, reusable containers.