Collective Tranformation


Greetings my fellow Earthlings,

I was thinking today about the white lotus and what it represents. In my own experience, I know I can relate to and understand the metaphor of transformation; of rising from the mud and darkness that exists, and overcoming obstacles, to eventually repel all that is in the way of reflecting one’s true inner light and beauty. This can be relevant on an individual soul level, as well as on a community, national, and global level. As we begin to realize the truth and importance of our collective awakening to our interconnectedness, we are shedding the mud and muck of ignorance and will eventually all transform and shine like white lotus blossoms in the dark pond of space. The struggles, sorrows, pain, and suffering, that are a part of spiritual growth, are necessary. They provide the fuel and the “light that cracks open our hearts to allow love to pour in” and transform us according to Ram Das. I love this vision and hope you do as well. Such a blessing to be, here, now, traveling with you.

Sat Nam