Greetings Beloved Fellow Travelers,

The last couple years have been challenging to say the least. However, somehow my higher self knew decades ago, that we would be living through a time of great change, that our time here would be about something that affected us globally. I knew early on, to start preparing for radical change and to question that which is.

Sometimes the loss feels overwhelming. Sometimes the future feels overwhelming. Sometimes the moment is too much to face… That is the case more often than not, honestly nowadays. Anxiety is a new regular way of existing. Fear, a motivator like never before. Hopelessness a familiar face.

I also believe however, that the recent pandemic and all it entailed has also been an opportunity for growth. Many things are different than they were two years ago and yet the deeper underlying current that has always been there, is still flowing strongly if we can remember how to tap into it.

It’s been a time for going within, for me and for many others. Collectively, we are emerging transformed on a subtle level. Feeling a sense of resilience, we are ready to flow with the waves that are stirring up more often now and with greater intensity, in the ocean of Samsara. We have tasted stillness, silence and a slower pace of life and enjoyed it. We saw a glimpse of a reality that changed us, witnessing the stark naked truth of our collective mortality and wanting more than mere existence, needing to pursue and work to manifest our deepest dreams and purpose. I see it happening… Manifestation of something new, something profoundly beautiful…

I believe that many of us are collectively, slowly awakening to the truth of who we are and more often than not, suffering is the vehicle that fuels this awakening. I feel a shift however. Waves of us are becoming aware of our true nature, collective purpose and power and finding we have the tools needed to move through our pain and choose to live lives full of joy and peace and let go of the dramas that come from being so in our heads. It gives me hope to witness this unfolding in the understanding of who we are. I am grateful to be here on this journey with you and hopeful about what we can choose to create together from this point forward.