Vata Balancing Solid Perfume 1 oz


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Grounding. Calming. Soothing. Sweet. Warming. Spicy.

Designed as a transformation tool, to help bring balancing, soothing, comforting vibrations and elemental energy;

Sooth, ground and warm Vata emotions and symptoms such as anxiety, a closed heart, indecision and insomnia with thoughts about many subjects; brings awareness to excess Vata energy and grounds restless air and ether in the Physical Body, Subtle Body (Emotions) and Causal Body (Mind).


This Therapeutic, Natural Perfume is created via custom orders. The reason for this, is that there are many ways that the Vata Dosha manifests in our lives. Vata can manifest elementally as Dry, Rough, Mobile, Light, Cold, Clear and subtle, depending on your Gunas.


I create blends that not only calm and balance the Vata Dosha, if needed, but also consider one’s Secondary Dosha if possible and if the person’s unique Doshic Constitution is wet or dry. This allows me to create a custom blend, designed specifically with your needs in mind.


When ordering, please contact me so we can spend a few minutes discussing exactly what you need and what will be most effective. Another consideration is people’s personal preferences. I want you to love your personal Vata Perfume!


Essential oils all have their own elemental nature. They are either hot or cold and wet or dry. Everyone has their own unique taste and it is important that this therapeutic remedy is something that you love the smell of, so that you want to use it and reap it’s benefits as a healing tool.


For instance, someone might not like floral scents, so I will pick essential oils for their blend that still meet their Doshic needs, but are not floral in nature.(Ie Tree Resins and Herbs that are Vata reducing and balancing instead of flowers).


I can also make single note Perfumes that are specific and potent on their own, therapeutically. For instance, Ginger is very warming for Vata bodies and symptoms, but might not be a good idea if you have too much Pitta, because Ginger may be too warm for someone with a lot of pitta and could therefore aggravate their Pitta, while calming their Vata.


This is not what you want! We are holistic beings and no person is alike. You don’t want you Vata Perfume to aggravate your Doshic makeup, but to work synergistically with it, in balancing all your Doshas. It helps me to know a bit about what you are hoping this therapeutic remedy will help with, so that I can formulate it with your specific needs in mind so it is effective.


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