Cedarwood Lavender Bath Salt Soak


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Moisturizing & Replenishing; This Transformative Sea Salt, Epsom Salt & Safflower Oil Bath Salt Soak with Cedarwood & Lavender Essential Oils is Designed to Rejuvenate & Help Purify, Calm, Center, Relax, Ground & Reduce Stress. This Soak is a perfect Tool when working with Balancing the Root and Crown Chakras during daily or weekly Self-Care routines.
Can be used when not feeling like scrubbing or a long with a scrub (3×/week max with Scrubbing). Gua Sharing the body using a Wood or Jade tool, from Feet to Heart, then hands to Heart until pink, is also a wonderful accompanying treatment that helps increase effectiveness with respect to moving lymphatic tissue, improving circulation, moving energy & shifting moods.