Web Design, Friendship and Inspiration

I would like to thank Muñeca Osorio at Dangerous Cat Productions, for her continued support and friendship over the years and her dedicated assistance in helping me to manifest my dreams, dharma and visions. I could not be happier with my beautiful website that she created and has continued to help me maintain and update over the last decade, as awareness about Ayurveda has grown, along with me and my small business. Without her help and love, I would not be where I am today and would not be in a place where I could offer these services to the world online. I am forever grateful for her assistance and friendship.

I highly recommend her as a skilled web designer and developer, if you are in need of a website. She runs her small business and is really good at taking people’s vision into the digital realm with love. I have known her and loved her with all of my heart for 25 years. If you are interested in hiring her to build a website you can contact her here: http://dangerouscat.com/. Also, if you are interested in Astrology, you can check out her beautiful, all original art, Astrology Calendars here: https://moontrine.com/. Muneca is also an experienced astrologer and gifted artist, musician and psychic healer. Meeting her and becoming her friend was one of the biggest blessings I have received in this life so far. She is a truly beautiful and unique soul, that endlessly inspires me to continue to believe in my visions and this path before me.

She is in my heart always and in my mind often. I was thinking about her today and how valuable friendship is, how much I miss her, appreciate her and wish her well. I thought I would share my contemplation about the value of unconditional love and friendship, along with her business information, in celebration of all the love, joy and wisdom she has shared with me and in case anyone I know may need her assistance.

Thank you Muneca – 3♦️

K❤️ (and 2♦️)